Buy and sell online safely on facebook marketplace

If you are looking for holiday-gift bargains or perhaps considering selling some of your old stuff to fund a shopping spree, the Facebook marketplace is an appealing alternative to yard buy and sell online. Like any other online exchange, the marketplace attracts its share of swindlers and scammers. The concept is simple, using the information from your profile to determine your location, Facebook shows you an array of items for sale in your area and lets you list down your goods for sale as well.

Facebook marketplace is a right place to buy and sell online stuff. Using the market is easy. Click the marketplace button at the bottom of the Facebook smartphone app or in the left column of your Facebook homepage. You will see an array of photos of items for sale, with prices attached. If you have a thing to sell, click the blue “sell something” button and fill in the form. Marketing via the smartphone app can save you time by letting you snap a photo of your item and attach it to the listing without having to save and upload pictures.

Be smart to buy and shop online in the marketplace. Below are some suggestions for ensuring your facebook marketplace experience is a good and secure one. Use a credit card or reliable electronic payment service for all transactions. The marketplace does not have any built-in payment mechanism, so you have to arrange payments directly with the other party in a transaction. Unscrupulous sellers may insist on cash, gift cards, or other untraceable payment methods, and shady buyers may offer gift cards that turn out to be worthless.

Avoid transactions that do not involve local buyers or sellers in buy and sell online. Check out buyer or seller profiles- when you click on an item that is offered for sale, check the seller’s profile under seller information. Make sure that they are located in your area and check Facebook to see if you have mutual friends. Inspect before making payment. If you are purchasing an item, make sure you can see the goods before you authorize payment.

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