Pioneer in the construction industry, Competent Construction Company was established in the year 1969, under the direction of Shri. Raj Chopra, the Chairman cum Managing Director of the group. The business has over 2000 workers minimal with the latest modern equipment and skilled workforce.

Ein Bauplan eines Architekten mit dem Bauhelm eines Bauarbeiters. Symbolfoto für Finanzierung und Planung eines neuen Hauses.

Launched in the year 1969, the firm now earns over US buck 120 million yearly. Competent Trockenbau Kiel has completed many different projects, from the tiniest infrastructure to the most complicated jobs. C.C.C is ever-ready to satisfy new challenges and to build buildings most uniquely, giving the infrastructures the many unique attributes so that it stands out of the rest.

In 2000, C.C.C has been granted the best construction award and lots of large companies nationwide and globally have been appreciating C.C.C and awarding the company because of its one of a kind projects. With a list of just 12 months, C.C.C completed the most esteemed multi-storeyed building project of the Russia Embassy. The Russian government decorated Raj Chopra with a Gold Medal for the job.

Meeting the complexities of industrial buildings, C.C.C has completed various industries and also resorts. A number of the landmark commercial jobs have been completed by C.C.C.. This business makes sure that nothing goes wrong in the evolution and building of educational institutions, for these institutions will produce genius minds of future India. Keeping that in mind, C.C.C takes extra care and gives more significance in the building of educational associations.

Together with the zest and urge to meet new challenges and working towards a more powerful India, C.C.C has been working and doing its best and still with many upcoming projects later on, it has rightfully earned its reputation and name as one of the ideal.

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